Give yourself a drastic money makeover

drastic money makeoverExtreme Makeover is a hit TV show because people love to see big, dramatic changes. It’s fun and exciting to imagine big, positive changes in our lives. You can give your financial life a big makeover too. Here’s how:
Write down your makeover goals in detail on a piece of paper and really imagine what they would be like if you accomplished them. How would you feel? What would you have to do? How would you have to act? For example, if you imagine being free of payday loans or another big debt, consider that you might have to scale back all your spending for a month or two to pay everything off.
Make a few big changes right now. Cut up your credit card so that you can’t use it again until it is paid off. Open that savings account or emergency fund. Consolidate those personal loans and set up automatic payment systems so that you can get out of debt. Make a few big gestures to get yourself excited.
Put up reminders. If you want that big promotion, put up pictures of people who are in that position. Act, dress, and work like someone who already has that job.…